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OFGO STUDIO’s Quick Ship 5 (QS5) program is designed to make ordering OFGO STUDIO products faster and easier than ever.

The QS5 program is only available for approved office furniture dealers. Please note that substitutions are not allowed when ordering from the QS5 program. Any product SKU’s that are not part of the QS5 program for the same installation or end-user should be ordered on a separate purchase order which will be subject to normal lead times.

OFGO STUDIO standard dealer discounts, payment terms, and terms and conditions of sales apply to all QS5 program purchase orders. Lead times above are limited to individual orders of no more than $50,000 LIST and dealers may not have more than $100,000 LIST in open QS5 program orders at one time. Orders that exceed these guidelines will be accepted but may be subject to extended lead times. Account must be in good standing for order to be processed without delay. Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after order acknowledgement.


Quotations for QS5 products can be done through this website. However, no ordering can be done on the website. A physical purchase order must be sent to [email protected]

All quickship purchase orders must contain QS5 item codes only. Any purchase order with item codes which are not QS5 will be processed at a standard lead time. All purchase orders must have accurate bill to and ship to locations listed. For USA and eligible CDN orders if your PO is below the freight program minimum for your zone, the appropriate freight drop charge will be added to your order. Your order will be ready to ship within 5 business days after the receipt of a clean purchase order. If questions are required regarding missing or incorrect information against your PO, please respond to the OFGO STUDIO service team as soon as possible to prevent delays against processing your order.

Yes, before placing your first purchase order you will need to register for a QS5 account. To register for an account please click here.

Once we receive your account request, we can ensure your account is set up with the correct discount and freight terms allowing for a clean purchase order to be placed every time. You will only be required to register for an account one time. Once your account is approved you can simply log into your account using your username and password at any time.

Your order will be ready to ship within 5 business days after the receipt or your purchase order.

Orders received before 2:30 PM EST will be processed that day. Orders received after 2:30 PM EST will be processed on the next business day.

The actual arrival date of your order is subject to normal weekly truck schedules.

Please note that statutory holidays and announced holiday shutdown schedules will not be processed as a business day.

No. Only authorized dealers with approved accounts will be able to place an order through this website.

All QS5 orders use OFGO STUDIO’s standard freight program terms. If you are not aware of the freight terms for your area, please contact your OFGO STUDIO customer service or sales representative for more information.

If there is a freight drop charge associated with your order it will be automatically applied to your cart before you process your purchase order. If your order qualifies for free dock to dock shipping then that would be displayed as well before processing an order.

Definitely! However, all non-QS5 items must be ordered on a separate purchase order and sent directly to OFGO STUDIO via email, and will be subject to normal lead times. We cannot combine non-QS5 items on the same purchase order as QS5 items.

Yes, of course! We would be delighted to assist you with any custom requests. However, any variations would void the QS5 lead time and switch the order to a standard lead time. If you require a customization or modification please let us know what you would like and we’ll send you back a standard OFGO STUDIO quotation.

Certainly! Once all of the items are added to your cart and you are ready to place an order, your standard dealer discount will automatically show in your cart. You will be able to see the exact NET pricing for your purchase order before placing it.

In addition, after an order is placed through the website you will receive a PDF acknowledgement directly from OFGO STUDIO confirming your order with all NET pricing shown.

If you want to assemble a quotation simply add the items you’re considering to a shopping cart and then print your shopping cart as a PDF. Your shopping cart will automatically be saved even if you close your browser or shut down your computer. You can then come back later to the site and turn your cart into a purchase order at any time.

We cannot create renderings for items in the QS5 program at this time. However, we are working on enabling this feature. In the meantime, we will have DWG files available for download.
There is a maximum quantity per item that you will be able to place in your cart. If you exceed the maximum amount you will receive an alert and it will prevent you from placing that item into your cart.

Yes, however lead times are limited to individual orders of no more than $50,000 LIST and dealers may not have more than $100,000 LIST in open QS5 program orders at one time. Orders that exceed these guidelines will be accepted but may be subject to extended lead times.

If you place a QS5 order and a separate standard commercial order but would like them to ship together, you must email customer service to request that these orders to ship together. In this case, your order would ship based on the lead time of your standard commercial order and the QS5 lead time would not apply.

All finish requests that are not included in the QS5 program are possible but would be considered a standard order and would be subject to standard posted lead times.

Yes, simply enter in your rewards ID# when placing your purchase order. When checking out you will see this box available to be filled in.